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According to a 2017 Forbes article*, data monetization will become a major source of revenue for companies over the next 10 years. Is your organization ready to generate revenue by using one of the greatest assets you already own? Download our new eGuide and let our experts take you through how to derive real, bottom-line value from your data.

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  • how does this fit into our business strategy?
  • what are other companies like mine doing?
  • is my data ready for this?
  • are there any risks involved?

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    Nihilent Technologies, Inc. is a leading services and solutions company, with deep experience in data analytics and information management. Nihilent Technologies’ rapidly growing BI, Advanced Analytics and Cloud Technologies practices help businesses understand and manage their data more effectively, enabling decision makers to drive business performance. We are focused on providing innovative solutions while adapting to changing business conditions and enforcing corporate governance. Our solutions for knowledge workers enables data driven decision making that can have a dramatic impact on the business.